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Lister Petter at Middle East Electricity

Lister Petter were back at Middle East Electricity this year! This trip was a chance for us to meet customers, both old and new under the new ownership of Sleeman & Hawken.

Above photo

Left: Our Iran Distributor, Nama Mad Pasargad Industrial Group

Right: Our Iraq Distributor, Nafithat Al Sharq

Above photo

Left: Our Netherlands Distributor, De Maas

Right:Our Sudan Distributor, Albadri Power

Above photo

Left: Our Lebanon Distributor, Arison

Right: Sky Pumps, Saudi Arabia

Above photo

Left: Our Switzerland Distributor, Yellow Power

Right: Our Kenya Distributor, Rift Valley Machinery Services Ltd.


Above photo

Left: Our Malawi Distributor, Equipment & Parts Suppliers & Parts Suppliers

Right: Our Dubai Distributor Mahy Khoory & Co


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