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Lister Petter supply engines around the world for use in agricultural applications. For more information on our range get in touch with our sales team:


TR Generator Engines

A range of engines specifically designed for power generation for use in unregulated emissions territories.

Fixed Speeds
1500 | 1800 r/min

5.9 – 23.9 kVA
4.7 – 19.1 kWe


TR Water Pump Engines

A range of engines specifically designed to pump spec.

Variable Speeds
1500 | 2500 r/min

4.1 – 25.9 kw 
5.5 – 34.7 bhp


LP Water Pump Engines

A range of engines specifically designed to pump spec.

Fixed Speeds
1500 – 3000 r/min

6.8 – 34.0 kw
9.1 – 45.6 bhp


Customer Applications

Alvan Blanch UK

Alvan Blanch is a British manufacturing and project engineering company specialising in the design, production and supply of quality machines and integrated systems for the primary and secondary processing of agricultural produce and waste materials.

Below is their Mobile Maize Sheller, powered by a Lister Petter TR engine.

Alvan Blanch UK - TR2 Powered Mobile Maize Sheller

Lister Petter engines powering water pumps in Uganda

Lister Petter have been building engines for use worldwide since the late 1800’s. In that time our engines have been used for a large variety of applications.

We recently received photographs of some of our TR engines being used in Uganda, to power water pumps.

Lister Petter’s manufacturing facility remains in the UK, but we have connections all over the world, and it is fantastic to see our British engineering be used in different ways, in different countries.

For more information about our current engines visit our products page. 

Yassine’s visit to 2 Gareni in France

On Yassine’s latest tour of customers, he visited 2 Gareni Industrie – a pump OEM in France. They recently took delivery of 60 TR engines and coupled them to KSB pumps, destined for an agricultural development program in Northern Mali.

Yassine’s visit to Talleres Vaquero in Spain

Yassine’s latest visit was to Talleres Vaquero Moriche S.L. in Spain, who are building water pumps using our Lister Petter TR engines. It’s great to see how are engines are being used around the world, and for so many different purposes.

Kilowatt Machinery exhibit Lister Petter at Fieldays, New Zealand

Kilowatt Machinery, one of our distributors in New Zealand exhibited at Fieldays, Mystery Creek.

Fieldays is the largest agribusiness event in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting over 130,000 people from all over the world. Held over four days, the event presents New Zealand’s agricultural sector with an international marketplace to advance agriculture.

Kilowatt Machinery showcased some of the Lister Petter engines with some great results, and hundreds of people through the stand over the four days.

Alkhorayef visit Lister Petter

This week we welcomed Abdullah Alkhorayef and Fahad Aljadaan of Alkhorayef Commercial, Saudi Arabia, to our facility.

Alkhorayef Group was founded in 1957 by the late Abdullah Ibrahim Alkhorayef, who over the years represented reputable international producers of water pumps, agricultural, irrigation and well drilling equipment in Saudi Arabia.

Today the Group which enjoys a worldwide presence, operates in more than 40 countries representing renowned quality products and manufacturers.

We are proud of our long established relationship with the Alkhorayef Group, and look forward to the future.


High demand for Lister Petter engines in Jordon

We have been sending Lister Petter engines to our distributor, Mr Kamal Ramadan of Yazoure, in Jordon for some time now. He is reporting a high demand in his region for our engines coupled to Caprari pumps for irrigation.

Here are some photos of a Pump Set powered by our LPW4 engine.


Your Lister Petter engine is precision engineered to give years of outstanding reliability and consistent performance in the most extreme temperatures and conditions.