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De Maas B.V. – Netherlands distributor of Lister Petter engines

Founded in 1828, Brinkman & Niemeijer Motoren B.V import industrial diesel engines from around the world to the Netherlands. Using these engines to manufacture generator sets for boats, buildings and backup applications as well as diesel operated pump sets and specials.

Their facility has a rigorous in house testing unit with 1,000 kW Froment static proofloader as well as the kit to fully test external pump sets, along with a mobile on-site testing set. They have become leaders in the manufacture of power generation in the Netherlands.

Here are some examples of products they have manufactured using Lister Petter engines:


In 2020, Brinkmann & Niemeijer Motoren B.V. and it’s group company De Maas B.V. split and now each have their own management.

The Lister Petter distributorship now resides with De Maas B.V.

Brinkmann & Niemeijer Motoren B.V.

De Maas B.V.



Water Pump OEMs in Yemen

Great to support our longstanding water pump OEM Khansaheb Sykes of the UAE on recent project; the restoration and enhancement of Yemen’s water and sanitisation, which has been adversely affected as a result of the country’s international conflicts.

Khansaheb Sykes received an urgent pump enquiry through their local Yemeni distributor – Aladimi Global for Trading & Contracting – who sought a dewatering solution.

Lister Petter supplied 7 Gamma engines ranging from 50kW to 75kW, made ready within 7 days of the order. The engines were Air Freighted to Khansaheb Sykes to enable them to meet the tight delivery deadline of the project destined for Yemen.

Well done to all those involved. To find out more about the project head to the Khansaheb blog.




Your Lister Petter engine is precision engineered to give years of outstanding reliability and consistent performance in the most extreme temperatures and conditions.