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LISTER PETTER is off to the Middle East Energy Show

Lister Petter, being a world renown engine and with 150 years history, has reignited its effort in introducing new line of engine series for most application in the MEE even though our presence in the show is not acknowledged with the wide spread of the pandemic. This notice serves just a reminder that Lister Petter will no doubt be in your line of selection for engines that require reliability and sustainability.

The brand not only includes some of the existing models but the new series has extended its engine power output to a higher level of 800kW for both 1500/1800 rpm. This scenario puts Lister Petter in a better position in its competitiveness within the industry and also with our continuous effort in building a global network of service center with full coverage and stock warehouse in Turkey which promises quick and prompt delivery, Lister Petter will by all means be a niche of your choice.

Lister Petter sponsor team in Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Lister Petter is extremely proud to once again be sponsoring a team in the prestigious Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.
In 2019, our Chairman Keith Mason’s stepson Charlie completed the challenge as a team of 3 – ‘All Oar Nothing’ – breaking the previous world record by 4 days before ultimately being beaten to the line by Team BROAR.
East Rows West Cropped

This year, a very good friend of our Managing Director Ryan Mason – Robert Lennox (centre) – is participating in the challenge as a team of 3 with Matt Bell (left) and Martin Muller (right) under the team name ‘East Rows West’ (they all live and work in Hong Kong). And Lister Petter will be with them every stroke of the way!

We cannot wait to see how they get on, and are very much looking forward to being in Antigua in January to hopefully cheer them into port. </p?

You can read more about the team and the challenge here: East Rows West  |  Talisker Whisky Challenge

Old Lister engine powers homemade tractor in Africa

Sammy Tractor

Sammy Kiritu got in touch with us a few weeks ago with an unusual request…based in Nakuru in Kenya Sammy had purchased an old Lister Petter engine from someone in his local town, with the idea of using it to power a homemade tractor.

Having purchased this engine, which was previously used for grinding maize, he took it upon himself to modify the old engine from air cooled to water cooled, at home without even the basic engineering tools required.

Sammy got in touch with us for some engineering advice and guidance, which were of course happy to provide, however, looking the video below it seems as though Sammy has done an impressive job on his own.

The tractor has already been put to good use working on his farm and in the local village.

Lister History…Lister Diesels Malaysia in the 1970s

Lister Petter is now owned and run by the Mason Family, all of whom are passionate about the brand, it’s history and what makes “a Lister”.

A brand that was originally founded, and still remains in Britain, yet is known worldwide. The Mason’s are always interested to hear of experiences and historic events relating to Lister Petter both in the UK and Overseas. The most recent story was sent in by a gentleman who was sent on a secondment from our old Dursley facility to Lister Petter Diesels in Malaysia. As Technical Manager he was responsible for the plants inception in 1971. Here they assembled 10,000 engines and gensets, ranging from LR1 to HRS6.

Below are just a few photos from the archive.

If you have a Lister Petter story please get in touch…

Throwback to 1968 with a Lister HA6

We are always being sent photographs of old Lister engines and applications…but this one caught our eye.

Sent in from De Maas, our distributor in the Netherlands (take a look at our introduction to De Maas B.V. ).

The engine powering this beast is a Lister HA6 from 1968, notice the original name plate showing Brinkman & Niemeijer Motoren B.V.). Proving relationships last a lifetime and beyond.

Thank you for sending these over De Maas.


lpps 1

TR Pump Sets…destined for Africa

These TR2 engines have been assembled into Pump Sets destined for Africa, by our France distributor D.I.E.S.I.

They feature engine mounted fuel tanks, exhaust silencers, and special adaptors for coupling to the Rovatti Pumps.

The TR Series is perfectly suited for this rugged application.

Many thanks to D.I.E.S.I. for their continued support – for more information about D.I.E.S.I. head to the website


Techno Power, appointed as a Lister Petter distributor in Saudi Arabia

Techno Power Saudi Arabia

Lister Petter are proud to announce the appointment of Techno Power as a distributor in Saudi Arabia.

Based in the UAE, Techno Group have been designing, manufacturing and importing UK assembled generators, engines and deep sea controllers for many years.

The key to their success is efficiency and great attention to detail, allowing them to rapidly expand the business across the UAE in a relatively short space of time.

Techno Power have taken a varied initial stock order of both Air Cooled (TR) and Water Cooled (LPW) acoustic gensets, Standard and Deep Sump LPW G Build engines, and a significant spare parts stock to fully service the local market with our complete range.

We look forward to working with the team at Techno Power and growing the business in Saudi Arabia.

For more information visit their website

Introducing EUROMAK – new distributors of LPPS in Venezuela

Lister Petter are proud to announce that EUROMAK, founded in 1976 in the city of Puerto Ordaz, Edo have recently become distributors for Lister Petter Power Systems in Venezuela.

Specialising in products designed for water treatment, they distribute pumping equipment and industrial supplies throughout Venezuela. As a relatively young company, they are forward thinking and continue to expand their network and relationships with suppliers.

euromak 3

Their most recent project is the building of a new branch in Puerto Ordaz, Estado Bolivar, Venezuela. Allowing additional space for products and storage, attracting customers from across the country. Fantastic news for Lister Petter, as Euro Mak have placed an initial order for a 20ft container of TR2s and TR3s. These have been specified with engine mounted fuel tanks, engine silencers and drive shafts.

new EuroMak branch

We look forward to working with Euro Mak and growing the brand in Venezuela.

For more information or to make an enquiry visit their website or contact EURO MAK C.A., VENEZUELA, phone: 00584148985744 or email

“Silver Vanity”…hero in World War II: Operation Cycle

We receive photographs of historic Lister engines, machines and applications from all over the world and we try to share as many of them as possible. Every now and then a little gem pops up, and the “Silver Vanity” is a jewel.

We were contacted by a gentleman who had two Lister engines for sale originally fitted in the “Silver Vanity”.

Silver Vanity 1

The Story

The Silver Vanity was originally built in the 1940’s, being modernised and re-engined in 1956 by Lister Blackstone Marine Ltd with a pair of flexibly-mounted Lister FRM6GR six-cylinder engines. Lister Blackstone Marine Ltd had previously been fitting service boats with the 77 h.p. Rootes-Lister opposed piston engines and the 3.5 h.p. and 7 h.p. air cooled propelling engines, so the Silvery Vanity was something of a signature project, and in the Summer of 1956 the vessel was presented at the London Boat Show.

The Hidden Gem

We have been looking into the history of the boat and have discovered the Silver Vanity undertook an important all of it’s own. In 1940 she took part in Operation Cycle, the evacuation of Allied troops from Le Havre, from 10-13 June, towards the end of the Battle of France, during the Second World War. The operation was preceded by the better known rescue of 338,226 British and French soldiers from Dunkirk in Operation Dynamo.

After her mission she travelled around Europe tallying up thousands of miles and hours.

Where is she now?

This little boat is now located in Rochefort near La Rochelle, looking for a new owner.

Silver Vanity 2

Lister Petter History…Final Crank Up

Lister Petter was founded in 1867 by Robert Ashton Lister, with the first Lister Petter diesel engine being built in the Dursley facility 62 years later in 1929. After many successful years at the site Dursley, the business relocated to a new facility in nearby Hardwicke, in 2013.

Following many years manufacturing and building Lister Petter engines in Dursley, it became somewhat of an icon to followers of the Lister Petter “brand”.

A story we recently received from a gentleman who lives and works in Gloucester proves this very point:

From Mr Karl Buckingham

“I live in Gloucester and my work takes me all over the place, one such place was the old Lister factory site in Dursley, and on a visit to the site to deliver to Cuddy’s (the demolition company who were about to start on the factory) I got talking to the foreman and mentioned that I have a large collection of vintage engines many of them built in the Lister factory. Anyway I said rather tongue in cheek that I’d like to bring some for a final photo shoot and to my surprise he said yes but I’d have to be quick as they were going to get stuck in after Christmas.

So it was arranged for me to show up on 29th December 2014, I duly arrived at 09.30 with temperatures of minus five, I unloaded my Lister A, B, H & D.

I set them running and the Demolition chaps who were on site came and said would I like to look around?

Well, I didn’t need asking twice! After around two hours of running my Lister D became the last engine to shut down in the old works!  A very poignant and sad time!

I now return quite regularly making deliveries to the building site and try to work out where we were, but it gets more difficult each time!”

Lister Petter is a historic brand, born in the United Kingdom, but supported worldwide. Receiving stories like this reminds us of the importance of heritage.

Thank you for sharing your story and passion for Lister Petter with us.

“It’s a not just a diesel engine…it’s a Lister”.


Your Lister Petter engine is precision engineered to give years of outstanding reliability and consistent performance in the most extreme temperatures and conditions.