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Centrifugal Clutches

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Lister Petters range of centrifugal clutches are specifically designed to automatically transmit the torque from the engine to the driven equipment giving a 'soft start' with no load engagement.

As the engine speed is increased to or above the set engagement speed of the centrifugal clutch the mechanical drive will  become engaged. This enables the operator to run the engine at a designated idling speed without driving the equipment,
thus allowing the engine to reach its optimal torque before experiencing load.

As the engines output shaft is disengaged at low rotational speed and engages more as speed increases it prevents the engine from stalling when the output shaft is slowed or stopped abruptly, and to remove load to aid starting and smooth idling.

Design Features and Equipment

  • steel centrifugal fly-weights
  • bonded friction linings
  • long life friction material
  • double spring retention
  • heavy duty bearings
  • SPB drive belt section

Operating Principle

1. The engine accelerates the hub with the fly-weights

2. At engagement speed, the tension of the springs is overcome by the centrifugal force which is working on the mass of the fly-weights.

3. The friction surface of the clutch linings engages with the drum and the torque at the hub is transmitted to the driven equipment.

4. The driven equipment is smoothly accelerated to full operating speed.

5. When operating speed is reduced the centrifugal fly-weights return to their original disengaged position.


Centrifugal clutches operate as a soft start/no load starting device allowing the engine to start on idle without load. This
allows the clutch to be effectively used on drives demanding a high torque start.

Examples of this are:

  • pump sets
  • plate compactors
  • wood chippers
  • refrigerated transport
  • standby drives


Your Lister Petter engine is precision engineered to give years of outstanding reliability and consistent performance in the most extreme temperatures and conditions.