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  • Sleeman and Hawken Acquire Lister Petter

    After a couple of years of turbulant time for Lister Petter, new owners Sleeman and Hawken stepped in and purchased Lister Petter. Recognising the importance of the brand, and also having a long history of ...

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  • Lister Petter New Ownership

    In 2004 Lister Petter was bought out and with new investment grew both its product range and turnover. This was a new lease of life for the Lister Petter brand. This helped revive alot of ...

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  • Lister and Petter Companies Merged

    Hawker Siddeley combines Lister & Petter into one company. Lister Petter. Research & Development  under Hawker Siddeley enabled Lister Petter to make significant advances in its engine know-how. This culminated in its highly successful ALPHA ...

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  • Hawker Siddeley Acquire R A Lister

    In 1965 following the death of Charles Ashton Lister CBE (1871 to 1965), Lister was acquired by Hawker Siddeley, who had bought its old rival Petter Diesels in 1957.

  • Hawker Siddeley Acquire Petter

    In 1957 the company was acquired by Hawker-Siddeley and some production was moved to Hamble as the reorganized company was split into four groups within Hawker-Siddeley Brush Group—Petter Staines (small engines), Petter Generator Divisions, Petter ...

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  • 1929 First diesel engines produced by R A Lister in Dursley.

    In 1929, Sir Robert died at the age of 84, and in the same year the first of Lister’s own design of “CS” (cold start) diesel engine was made. With one cylinder and producing 9 ...

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  • 1902 Petters 30 Hhp engine

    In 1902 Petter produced their first agricultural tractor with a 30 HP diesel engine & also introduce the Handyman engine.

  • First oil engines made by Petters.

    In 1895 the Petter company designed and built their first oil engine. This engine was a small 2.5hp engine that was introduced and used in the agricultural sectors mainly. This success immediately drove expansion of ...

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  • 1893 James B Petter & Sons founded.

    In 1893 James B Petter and sons were founded in a small west country town of Yeovil. Their main aim was to produce engines for many applications.

    They first designed and built a self-propelled oil engine ...

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  • 1867 R A Lister company founded by Robert Ashton Lister.

    Robert Ashton Lister

    Robert Ashton Lister was born on the 4th February 1845 at The Rivers in Dursley, Gloucestershire.

    In 1867 Mr Robert Ashton Lister founded his new company to produce agricultural equipment. This included ...

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