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Meet our Directors

Keith Mason


Keith began his career with Sleeman & Hawken, joining the firm in 1968.

Keith became disillusioned with education and was far more interested in business, leaving Teignmouth Community College at 16 to join Sleeman & Hawken. Within a few years, with the support of his father William ‘Bill’ Mason, he purchased the company from Bill Sleeman and Jack Hawken and has remained ‘at the helm’ ever since.

Always keen for a deal, Keith repeatedly bought up old Lister Petter stock from around the world to become the largest stockists of Lister Petter in the world – even larger than Lister Petter themselves. When the opportunity to acquire Lister Petter itself arose, and knowing he had his two sons for support, Keith couldn’t resist.

Whatever Keith does, it has to be to the best of his ability. Be it replying to a customer faster than anyone else, ensuring his company has the largest stock, or even if its just playing his friends at golf on a Saturday afternoon.

A word from Keith:

What made you take the leap and purchase Lister Petter?

“The sales of Lister Petter spare parts has been the lifeblood of Sleeman & Hawken, and indeed my career. When the opportunity arose to acquire Lister Petter and secure that lifeblood, it could not be missed.”

Ryan Mason

Managing Director

Ryan joined Sleeman and Hawken in July 2010, following completion of a LLB Law degree at the University of Reading.

Ryan’s legal knowledge and business acumen, means he has the perfect skill set to manage the daily running of Lister Petter. From finance to sales and purchasing, leading the production and engineering teams, and managing HR, an average day for Ryan is rarely quiet.

With his keen eye for detail, Ryan also heads up the marketing and promotion of the business, to include the ongoing development of the extensive Lister Petter trademark portfolio.

A word from Ryan:

Why Lister Petter?

“Lister Petter has been the bulk of Sleeman & Hawken’s business for as long as I can remember. When the opportunity arose to acquire the business, we had to go for it!” 

Sean Mason

Operations Director

Sean joined Sleeman & Hawen in October 2009. Prior to this he studied Sports Science at Exeter University, subsequently pursuing a career as a golf professional, which took him across the world, from Argentina and North America to Singapore and Australia. After a 10 year golfing career he returned to the family business as it started to expand.

Sean’s general focus is on Sleeman & Hawken, of which he is Managing Director. However, he assists in the logistics and planning of Lister Petter, co-ordinating incoming and outgoing shipments. His unbeatable product knowledge also enables him to support the Sales team.

His keen eye for detail, and conscientious work ethic ensures Lister Petter’s customers receive the best possible service, and shipment’s never go awry, be it an import or export.

Sean is famously the most patient of the Mason’s, a quality sometimes lacking from Keith and Ryan!

A word from Sean:

What makes Lister Petter great?

“There is something special about working with a brand which has stood the test of time, and technology! Being over 150 years old, Lister Petter is still stronger than ever.”


Your Lister Petter engine is precision engineered to give years of outstanding reliability and consistent performance in the most extreme temperatures and conditions.