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LPWT4 (Turbo)

The Lister Petter LPWT4 engine is a reliable and robust Water Cooled Turbo Charged engine offering power between 18.9kw upto 37.5kw. Option to have the engine at fixed speed or variable speed between 1500-3000rpm.



The Lister Petter LPWT4 engine is a robust naturally aspirated turbo charged engine with direct injection fuel control. The Alpha series of engines are all designed and tested for continuous operation in ambient temperatures up to 52 celcius. The LPWT4 turbo charged engine will supply power upto 26.9kW @ 1800rpm. High speed options are available on request, upto 3000rpm.

Additional information

No of Cylinders


Maximum Power

41.3kW @ 1800rpm

Minimum Power

18.9 kW @ 1500 rpm

Max Torque

151.2 Nm @ 1800 rpm

Rated Speed

1500 – 3000rpm



Fuel Injection

Direct Injection




Water Cooled



Dry Weight








Water Cooling – The LPWT4 Alpha engine is fitted with water pump and radiator as standard. A pusher fan is used for airflow through the radiator to cool the engine.

Low Maintenance Costs – On standard models, fuel filters, air filters, oil filters are all common across our ranges so no need to hold multiple part numbers. Seperate crankcase door allows easy access to the bottom end of the engine without needing to remove the top part of the engine.

Mechanical Governing – On all Alpha engines the governing is mechanical meaning no electrics to diagnose or replace. The simple governing ensures consistant performance of the engine.

Uptime – All lister Petter engines are built to be srong, rugged and reliable. This enables them to be run for many hours ensuring that your application is never unavailable. Alpha engines have a 500 hour service interval as standard. This can be increased significantly with our ‘Long Running’ options.

The Lister Petter LPW4 engines comes with the following items as standard:-

  • Heavy Duty Air cleaner
  • Hi Capacity Turbo Charger
  • Inlet and Exhaust Manifolds
  • Inlet manifold heater plugs
  • Fuel lift pumps
  • Self vent fuel system with individual fuel injection pumps
  • Fuel filter/Agglomerator
  • Gear driven positive displacement type lubricating oil pump
  • Spin on oil filter
  • 12v electric start
  • SAE5 Flywheel housing

Many optional extras are available to ensure your Lister Petter LPWT4 engine is suited to your requirements. Below are some of the common options:-

  • 12v or 24v Electric Start
  • Silencer
  • Keyswicth Panel
  • Gauge Panel
  • Shaft Extensions
  • Puller Fan Option
  • Deep Sump for increased oil capacity

Power tables for the LPWT4 variable speed engine are shown below.

RPM 1500* 1800* 2000 2500 3000*
Continuous Power kW 18.9 24.2 26.3 31.0 33.7
bhp 25.3 32.4 35.2 41.5 45.2
Fuel Stop kW 20.9 26.9 29.2 34.4 37.5
bhp 28.1 36.0 31.9 46.2 50.3

* For fixed speed engines the powers at these speeds are different.
1. Power ratings (measured at the flywheel) and fuel consumptions, apply to a fully run-in, non-derated engine without power absorbing
accessories or transmission equipment.
2. The overload capability applies to a fully run-in engine. This is normally attained after a running period of about 50 hours.


Your Lister Petter engine is precision engineered to give years of outstanding reliability and consistent performance in the most extreme temperatures and conditions.