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LWA27 Genset

The LWA20 genset is powered by the Lister Petter LPWT4 water cooled engine. Offering power outputs between 15.8kVa and 27.3kVa. All Lister Petter gensets are available with Deepsea control panels, optional acoustic canopy and many other optional extras to configure the genset to your specifications.


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The Lister Pettter powered LWA27 genset harnesses the power of the LPWT4 water cooled engine to deliver the power needed for your applications. The LWA27 genset will produce power output of 15.8 kVA for a single phase 50 Hz setup while the three phase 50Hz setup will produce 21.4kVA, both at Prime Power ratings. As with all Lister Petter gensets the option to have it configured for 60Hz will give you an output of 20.3kVA for single phase while the three phase output will be at 27.3kVA with both at Prime Power ratings.

Numerous options and configurations are available for all Lister Petter gensets. Please contact our sales people for more information about your specific requiremnts.

Additional information

Powered By

Lister Petter LPWT4

Minimum Power 50Hz

15.8kVA @ 1500rpm, 1phase PRP

Maximum Power 50Hz

21.4kVA @ 1500rpm, 3phase PRP

Minimum Power 60Hz

20.3kVA @ 1800rpm, 1phase PRP

Maximum Power 60Hz

27.3kVA @ 1800rpm, 1phase PRP

Control Module

DSE 7110


Meccalte UK ECP28

Starting Method

Manual Electric

Fuel Tank Size

66 Litre









Water Cooling – The LPWT4 Alpha engine is fitted with water pump and radiator as standard. A pusher fan is used for airflow through the radiator to cool the engine.

Meccalte UK Alternator– All Lister Petter gensets are built with the award winning Meccalte UK ECP28 Single Bearing Alternator. These alternators are 4-pole brushless with solid state AVR as standard. The rotors and stators have class H insulation and are all IP23 protected.

Control Cubicle– All control cubicles are designed in house and controlled by Deep Sea Modules. This gives an electronic digital control facility with monitoring and warning indicators and automatic shutdown protection. The cubicle is built with output circuit breaker with over-current protection.

Manual/Remote Start– Lister Petter gensets have the flexibility of either manual or remote automatic start.

Low Maintenance Costs – On standard models, fuel filters, air filters, oil filters are all common across our ranges so no need to hold multiple part numbers. Seperate crankcase door allows easy access to the bottom end of the engine without needing to remove the top part of the engine.

Mechanical Governing – On all Alpha engines the governing is mechanical meaning no electrics to diagnose or replace. The simple governing ensures consistant performance of the engine.

Uptime – All lister Petter engines are built to be srong, rugged and reliable. This enables them to be run for many hours ensuring that your application is never unavailable. Alpha engines have a 500 hour service interval as standard. This can be increased significantly with our ‘Long Running’ options.

The Lister Petter LWA27 genset comes with the following items as standars

  • Powered by Lister Petter LPWT4 Engine
  • Meccalte UK Alternator
  • DSE Control Module
  • 50 Hz or 60Hz setup
  • 3 phase or single phase configuration
  • 66 litre fuel tank
  • Zirconium Phosphate powder coated base
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Bunded Base to 110% of all fluids
  • Anti vibration mounts
  • 12v battery and leads
  • Emergency stop button
  • Operators Handbook
  • Electrical Diagrams
  • Engine mounted silencer

Power outputs for the LWA15 generating set are shown below.

Model Rating Single Phase 50Hz Three Phase 50Hz Single Phase 60Hz Three Phase 60Hz
220 or 110V
230 or 115V
240 or 120V
kVA kWe kVA kWe kVA kWe kVA kWe
LWA15 PRP 15.8 15.8 21.4 17.1 20.3 20.3 27.3 21.8
ESP 16.5 16.5 22.4 17.9 21.3 21.3 28.6 22.9


Your Lister Petter engine is precision engineered to give years of outstanding reliability and consistent performance in the most extreme temperatures and conditions.