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LWA/LWX O.E. Liquid Cooled Gensets

50 Hz, 1500 – 3000 r/min   |   60 Hz, 1800 – 3600 r/min

5.8 – 39.2 kVA  |  7.1 – 34.1 kVA  

LWA10  |  LWA15  |  LWA20  |  LWA27  |  LWX13  |  LWX20  |  LWX27  |  LWA14  |  LWA22  |  LWA30  |  LWA41  |  LWX16  |  LWX25  |  LWX34

Download the Engine Data Sheet


  • 50 Hz, 1500/3000 r/min or 60Hz, 1800/3600 r/min
  • Lister Petter LPW liquid cooled, direct/indirect injection diesel engineS (2, 3 or 4 cylinders)
  • naturally aspirated or turbocharged (4 cylinder)


  • designed for original equipment manufacturers
  • G build Lister Petter LPW engine
  • single bearing, 2 or 4-pole brushless alternator
  • engine and alternator close coupled only
  • mechanical governing
  • pusher fan
  • operators' handbook


  • heavy duty air cleaner
  • oil and fuel filters
  • fuel lift pump
  • 12V electric starting system
  • fuel control solenoid


  • single bearing, 2 or 4-pole brushless alternator
  • solid state AVR with ±1.5% as standard
  • class H insulation on the rotor and stator, with ingress protection rating 21

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Your Lister Petter engine is precision engineered to give years of outstanding reliability and consistent performance in the most extreme temperatures and conditions.