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TR Marine Propulsion Engines

Variable Speed
1500 | 2500 r/min

11.0 – 28.5 kw  |  14.8 – 38.2 bhp

TR2 Marine  |  TR3 Marine

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The TR marine propulsion engine is specifically designed to suit for small offshore boats, work boats, pleasure craft and hire
fleets. It is durable, reliable and easy to maintain with oil and filter changes up to 500 hours, dependent on operational  conditions.

It is designed for continuous operation in ambient temperature up to 52°C (122°F) and cold start capability down to -32°C (-25.6°F).

Basic Engine Characteristics

  • 2 and 3 cylinders
  • direct fuel injection
  • naturally aspirated
  • low fuel consumption
  • long service periods

The Lister Petter TR Marine Propulsion engines come with the following items as standard:-

  • air outlet duct
  • fuel filter / agglomerator
  • self-vent fuel system with fuel lift pump and steel fuel lines
  • individual fuel injection pump for each cylinder
  • high level dipstick
  • operators' handbook (English)
  • plunger type lubricating oil pump
  • spin on full flow lubricating oil filter
  • mechanical governing
  • gearbox adaptor and drive plate to suit PRM150 (TR2) or PRM280 (TR3) gearboxes
  • 12V 70 Amp insulated earth return belt driven alternator and 12V starter motor with earthing solenoid as standard
  • SAE4 fanshroud
  • oil pressure and coolant temperature switches and VDO gauge senders
  • remote stop control
  • skid base packing

A range of options enables are available that allows you to select a specification that matches your requirements:

  • earth return electrics
  • 24V electrics
  • fuel control solenoid (energised to run)
  • range of gearboxes (PRM, ZF or Techno Drive)
  • choice of air cleaners
  • high level bearers
  • choice of engine control panels
  • range of gearbox mounting adaptors, and drive couplings
  • anti-vibration mountings
  • sump lubricating oil drain pump
  • gear end extension shaft
  • morse type fittings
  • engine wiring
  • paint colour (standard is Peacock Blue)

Full Engine Specifications:

Power Output

TR2 Marine TR3 Marine
RPM 1500* 2500* 1500* 2500*
Continuous Power kW 11.0 17.3 16.8 25.9
bhp 14.8 23.2 22.5 34.7
Fuel Stop kW 12.1 19.0 18.5 28.5
bhp 16.2 25.5 24.8 38.2

Technical Data

TR2 Marine TR3 Marine
Type of fuel injection Direct Direct
Number of cylinders 2 3
Aspiration Natural Natural
Direction of rotation looking on flywheel end Anti clockwise Anti clockwise
Compression ratio 15.5:1 15.5:1
Minimum full load speed r/min 1500 1500
Number of flywheel ring gear teeth 110 110
Nominal cylinder bore mm 98.42 98.42
in 3.875 3.875
Stroke mm 101.6 101.6
in 4.0 4.0
Total cylinder capacity litre 1.55 1.55
in 3 94.35 141.52
Crankshaft end thrust
(maximum continuous)
kgf 132 132
lbf 290 290
Crankcase vacuum
mbar 3.0 3.0
in H2O 1.2 1.2
Lubricating oil pressure
(mean) with the oil at 110°C (230°F)
bar 2.0 2.0
lbf/in2 29 29

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Your Lister Petter engine is precision engineered to give years of outstanding reliability and consistent performance in the most extreme temperatures and conditions.